Be Silly this May!

Remember silly? That crazy, zany, happy feeling you had as a kid when you did whatever you felt like and didn’t worry about what anyone else thought? Let’s bring silly back!

Being silly is fun. Being silly adds a spark to life. Being silly relieves tension - it’s true. Stepping out of your everyday humdrum makes you feel liberated, free, young! It’s a fact that smiling uses fewer muscles than frowning and naturally increases your overall attitude - similarly, being silly instills energy, puts a pep in your step and seriously makes your soul smile! Who can argue with that?

Let’s make a pact to find our silly again - get outside and do some cartwheels, laugh at yourself making funny faces, eat an ice cream cone and intentionally make a mustache, change your hairstyle, put on a costume and go for a run, dance in the streets, dance in your kitchen, dance anywhere, crank up the music and sing out loud - even if you cannot carry a tune, put a flower in your hair, climb the monkey bars… you get the idea.

Let’s be children again, not all the time, but just often enough so we can remember what’s important in life.

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