Be Spirited in March!

Be Spirited this March

This month of March sends a flood of emotions through my veins. First off, it’s - the month of my parents' birthdays. I’ve always started off the month with a birthday celebration for my Dad on March 1st! When I was younger, my mom would bake his favorite pie - pecan and we would eat a special dinner followed by homemade gifts and handwritten cards. Then 10 days later, the celebrating would continue for my Mom.This time, I’d bake the cake - chocolate and we’d shower her with gifts and extra kindness.

The FlaughsIt’s no secret I live in a house full of boys, boys who surround themselves with sports - sports involving every ball made to man: football, lacrosse, tennis, baseball, bocce ball, and their beloved basketball. Ahhh, March Madness will soon be alive. In a few weeks, our kitchen table will be covered with brackets for the east and the west and sports Illustrated magazines. The whole family takes part in the bracket busting and tries their best to make it to the Finals.

4 Leaf Clover CutoutsThen smack dab in the middle of the month lies St. Patrick’s Day - a day to wear green and celebrate our Irish heritage. For as long as I can remember, sneaky little leprechaun’s have left their mark on this day. Sometimes they paint our fingernails green in the middle of the night, or leave shamrock stickers on our cheeks. Those little buggers have even tinted the toilet water green, and sneak into the fridge and turn the milk a minty shade of green. One year they rearranged the furniture and messed up the laundry. It seems to be a challenge to outdo them year after year. Their spirit leaves a sense of mystery and spunkiness around our house.

Easter EgghuntingLastly, let’s not forget about spring break! To the beach, we go - to the water - our life source - that great big Gulf of Mexico and the sand in our toes, the sun and the breezy, salty air on my skin - this is what I dream of until it becomes my reality on March 27th. :)This year Easter falls in March. Talk about spirit! I love Easter. The resurrection, the hope, and promise of life everlasting brings a lot of comfort to me and my family. We are a spiritual bunch who love Jesus! When the boys were young, we’d plan an Easter egg hunt in our front lawn - a 6’2” tall bunny - A.K.A. Dad - all dressed in furry white would be parked on a bench in the corner of the yard for moms and dad’s to take photos of their darling children all dressed up in their Sunday best, the yard filled with thousands of plastic eggs stuffed with sugary delights, and about a hundred of the cutest kids you’ve ever seen with their bunny bags (lovingly handmade by Nana) in hand ready for the hunt. Oh, what fun it was! We continued this tradition for many years.

Flaugh Family

To me March is about celebrating excellence - in basketball, heritage, faith, and the choice to treat our bodies like a holy temple with whole, clean food while surrounding ourselves with positive people who build us up and bring out the best in us.

So, here’s to you, here’s to being spirited this March!

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