Not a Typical Week

Not a Typical Week

This past week was a bit out of the ordinary for me. Although most of my days are usually filled with variety, this week was a bit over the top!

It started on Monday at 8 a.m. with a meeting in the office of Dean of Students at the high school where 3 of our sons attend. It seems senioritis has made a serious attack on our second born. It's a proven fact that a teenage boy's brain is not fully developed - especially in the area of rational decision making until they reach their 20's. In fact, it's probably also a proven fact that many teenage boys view themselves as invincible and often invisible. Hence - the second born makes a series of bad decisions, thinking no one will ever find out. So, we hope and pray this visit to the Dean will serve as the reality check and swift kick in the pants in which it was intended. Our eyes are focussed on graduation a mere 8 weeks away.

Talking about Glute-free Recipes for Easter on Wish TV's Indy Style

Sharing Easter recipes with Wish TV

 Tuesday comes and I hit the ground running! By 7 a.m. I'm in the car headed towards downtown Indianapolis to Channel 8 News where I'll be doing two 5 minute segments on gluten free ideas for the Easter weekend. I'm all proud of myself for arriving early - after making a few phone calls and returning some emails, I'm packing up my little rolly cart loaded with my cooking supplies and I'm headed for the door. As I reach to open the door my rolly cart tips over and all the contents spill out covering the sidewalk - mixer on its side, pie completely upside down, broken dishes and food all over! I stand there in shock - mouth open, speechless. How did this happen? Things were going so well. Then Brandon shows up to save the day - he scoops up the broken dishes, swiftly collects and salvages all food particles while I invert the pie back to its normal state. Oh my gosh!!! That's all I have to say - Oh my gosh!!! Thankfully, that was the only mishap that happened on Tuesday. The show went well and my hosts, Tracy and Amber made it super fun. You can watch it here: Easter recipes for the gluten-free diet 

Wednesday is welcomed with a 5 mile run then the grueling task of waking up first born for his 10 a.m. Art Appreciation class. I'm back in the car headed past downtown Indianapolis to Bloomington, IN about 1 1/2 hours away. Today I get to interview a gal for a direct sales and demo position. Excited to expand our team. And, she's a yes -a total winner and a good fit for BeeFree.

Granola muncher

Nom nom nom!

Thursday arrives with a fit! As I turn my alarm off I notice a message from the high school principal from 2:38 a.m. This can't be good news. Apparently, there has been a threat of violence placed on the school and the principal wants to keep parents informed and assured of our children's safety. With a pit in my stomach, and after conversations about whether or not to send to second, third and fourth born sons to school - off they go. The lesson we want to teach our children is not to live our lives in fear - we will not let the poor decisions of others dictate our ability to live life to the fullest. Needless to say - it was a nerve-wracking day until all my chickies arrived home safely.

Nana and me

Friday - happy Good Friday!! Today is filled with difficult phone conversations - those that come along with owning a business : confrontations, admitting mistakes, asking for forgiveness, losing, winning. I'll spare the details, but today was a day of clarity and new beginnings. I suppose it was fitting that this all went down on Good Friday. If our eyes are open - we will notice God is everywhere and always present.

Heidi's Dropoff Point

Heidi's dropoff point

Saturday was a day of exceptional excitement as we prepare for Spring break - tomorrow the 6 of us plus Nana and three of second born's friends will load up in our BeeFree 12 passenger van and make the 11-hour trek to sunny Florida. 

First, on the agenda is to getting Heidi settled at her home for the next week. She is such a sweet, curious, lively girl who is quick to make new friends - we will miss her, but doubtful the feeling will be mutual as she will be surrounded by other four-legged playmates and humans to love on her. On to banking, cooking, packing and laundry - then a beautiful Easter church service to set our minds right.

The bee boysmy bee warriors

My BeeFree Warriors and friends!

There in lays my week...anything but typical - full of SURPRISE and CHALLENGE and SPIRIT!

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