Be Edgy in April

Beefree on April
edg·y /ˈejē/ synonyms: cutting-edge, on-the-edge, fringe, avant-garde, innovative, original, offbeat; gritty. Ex."an edgy new novel"
I had every good intention of writing this post much earlier in the month- but as often happens life takes its twists and turns and the best-laid plans get readjusted! So, as it turns out "be edgy" seems an appropriate theme for April. Being original, creative and thinking outside of the box are all elements of an edgy attitude. I try to be an innovative thinker, one who takes on challenges and looks for solutions. I guess that's why I'm an entrepreneur. Offbeat and forward thinking are often not the popular routes to take as this is unstable and unpredictable and SCARY stuff!! But Flowers don't grow on paved paths- they grow on uncharted territory.

With the remaining days left in the month of April, I challenge you to go and chase your dreams- follow your passion and adopt an edgy attitude - one with vigor and grit and shine!!

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    Love your thoughts on being ‘edgy’! And kudos for all that you are doing—inspiring and impacting lives!
    Thrive on,

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