BeeFree February February’s key words to reflect on and to live by: Be TRUE

Webster defines the word true as: "steadfast, loyal, honest, just, real, genuine, fully realized or fulfilled”
I don’t know about you, but, these are words I hope people think of when they think of me. Being true to the ones you love is something that was instilled in me from the day of my birth. I was born into a seriously committed, loyal family, one who values honesty and believes that your name is one of your most valuable possessions. Then, I married my true love who also comes from an honest bunch of loyalty. You might say, trueness runs through my veins and through our children as well. It’s easy to take for granted the people in our everyday lives that we love, those who have always been there for us - to pick us up when we fall, those who make us feel special when we feel crummy and undeserving, those who are steadfast and true no matter what - day in and day out, they are there to greet us through the happy and the sad, shiny or dusty, bright or blue. These are the true gifts of life.

Just as truth was instilled in me throughout my childhood, I’ve instilled those same principles in every bite of BeeFree. My goal is to create delicious, nutritious food using the purest ingredients, always free of junk. Being true to you our loyal followers and supporters is the heart and soul of BeeFree.

So, this month, I plan on focussing on being true to those who have shared their love with me. These are my people, I love them with all my heart. Here are photos of me at age 5 and 51 with my loving family. If I had photos of you, I’d attach them as well.
Christmas 1969
Christmas 2015
Wishing you all peace, love and truth...
Jennifer Wiese

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