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Jennifer shares the humble beginnings of BeeFree and the company’s dedication to supporting the autism community.


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BeeFree is dedicated to making gluten-free, casein-free treats that put a smile on your face and a giggle in your tummy.  We believe in using only the finest ingredients - that means...




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What is BeeFree?

We create delicious, clean label food that funds and supports our autism community, and inspires hope and change for a better world.

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"Please don't judge me for trying all 4 before I left the parking lot. Your products are absolutely are by far the best GF/Paleo products on the market. GREAT STUFF!!!"

Kelly W.

"No way these are gluten-free...they taste too good - delicious!"


"Always love when I discover new things. Especially food! I looked at the ingredients after reading a bit about the motto of BeeFree. It is as it claims, free of junk ingredients. Pretty good too."

Shawn F.

"I have never seen such big, chewy, tasty gluten-free cookies before! They were sensational. Chocolate Krinkles was my favorite."


"I am semi-new to the paleo lifestyle and this is by far my go to snack and breakfast!! I love the taste and love the simple ingredients even more! Thank You for making something so healthy and delicious!"


Buy local. Eat local.

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Your purchase helps reinforce autism research and creates jobs for hard-working individuals with autism. Our products are baked in a certified gluten free facility.

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