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What's Your Warrior Flavor?

Autism Jobs Provider

We believe a more neuro-diverse world is better for us all. That's why we founded our nonprofit arm, BeeFree Bakes, working to promote a culture of successful employment and enriching the lives of adults with autism. Every purchase of Warrior Snack Mix helps us in our mission.

"Please don't judge me for trying all 4 before I left the parking lot. Your products are absolutely AMAZING...you are by far the best GF/Paleo products on the market. GREAT STUFF!!!"

Kelly W.

"No way these are gluten-free...they taste too good - delicious!"


"I always love when I discover new things. Especially food! I looked at the ingredients after reading a bit about the motto of BeeFree. It is as it claims, free of junk ingredients."

Shawn F.

"Tasty, wholesome, convenient. I eat it with yogurt or right out of the bag. Everyone likes it!"


"This is by far my go to snack and breakfast!! I love the taste and love the simple ingredients even more! Thank You for making something so healthy and delicious!"



Women-owned with a mission.

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council's world-class certification is accepted by more than 1,000 corporations representing America's most prestigious brands, in addition to many states, cities and other entities.

Indiana Grown

Indiana Grown has more than 1100 members and 50+ business partners which include farmers, farmers markets, distributors, producers, processors, wineries, breweries, artisans, as well as retailers, grocers, hospitals and restaurants.

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