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"I bought a bag of your WARRIOR MIX at our local Giant Eagle and after your bag was in the house for an evening it was GONE. So I rushed to your website to order more! Your product is unbelievably good- I mean there is an unbelievable amount of junk swirling around those cereal shelves, enough to put a grown adult into a diabetic coma! Keep creating beautiful food that saturates our bodies with Garden of Eden pure magic!"
- Liz

"During this uncertain time I find myself getting caught up with crazy work hours and forget to eat full meals so having snacks like Hagen's Berry Bombs is exactly what I am looking for to help keep me nourished and energized during the day."

- Kayla M.

"I just wanted to thank you for Mae's Apple Pie Warrior Mix--and for having it on sale, to boot! I found it recently (the very last bag!) at my local Target and have been obsessed with it ever since. I think it might be the best "bar"-type "granola" I've ever eaten (Paleonola's Maple Pancake is up there with it for mixes). It's funny: Since I started eating clean (incl. dairy and gluten free) for my health a few years ago, I've mostly eschewed packaged foods, because the supposedly clean ones often aren't, and even the ones that are frequently don't taste fresh, or, honestly, all that good. BeeFree is not only fresh tasting (my bag has a best by date of 9/30/20, for reference) but unqualifiedly delicious. So I was thrilled that your sale let me purchase far more of it than I would ordinarily be able to afford. Now I just wonder: Is it a discontinuation sale? Please say no!

Many thanks again for a delicious and healthful to-go snack."
Diana V.

"My sister gave me a bag in my Christmas stocking this past year, after I pleaded with her to STOP putting so much candy in it, of course I DO love me my tube of Rolos.....anyway, she gave me a bag, and I truly DO absolutely love it, it's so tasty, I ration it out, kind of a little snack before lunch or supper, to take the edge off! Great product!"
Rose Adair

"I came upon the BeeFree Warrior Mix by pure chance while I was out shopping for groceries in a local Walmart. I spotted these small packages below the deli counter and read the ingredients- I knew right away they would be delicious- and i was right. I went back the next week for more and started sharing them with my co-workers. I'm really enjoying the product in its various natural taste combinations. I often eat them with sliced apple. Thank you for sharing your product with the rest of us- and thank you for being such a loving mother to your son."
David M.

"And most importantly (esp as a maker and e-commerce seller) - I picked up my first bag of BeeFree (Clay’s chocolate) from Jewel in Wicker Park/Chicago this week. And I am not only overjoyed to see something so healthy and gluten free with such high quality, clean ingredients - I was totally amazed at the texture and incredible flavor! By far my very favorite GF healthy treat I have ever tried! I'll still buy bags at Jewel so you can drive sales at wholesale - and evangelize to my friends and family - but wanted to also support you directly by making an online purchase. I love your story and that you took your efforts to help your son and are now helping so many of us treating illness and disease with a clean diet.

Thanks for making such a wonderful, nourishing, healthy GF/paleo snack so I don’t have to always cook my own. Can’t wait until my four 9 oz bags arrive very soon!"

"I just wanted to tell you how good tasting your snacks are. I was so surprised when I first tasted it. I expected the usual horrible taste that so many "good for you" snacks taste. Thank you!"
Mary Harris

"2 years ago I was diagnose with my worse nightmare Auto Immune Chronic atrophic Gastritis , unfortunatly after change gastroenterologis for 3 times I found doctors doesnt give you too much information on how to take care of your self with this diagnostic, after reading so much information of diferent eating stiles I found the autoinmune protocol and the ainti inflamatory diet both base in a PALEO diet , and guess what? base in my endoscopy from 2017 compare with the one on 2018 my condition improve so much as I follow this PALEO life style , I went to Costco (north Texas ) and found WARRIOR MIX !!! after trying so many similar products i can tell THIS IS THE BEST ONEEEEE !!! AND I LOVEEE IT , I try it as a toppin on my almond yougurt , I try it as a "cereal" with non dairy milk, I try it as a snack in the middle of the morning , and also on my middle night cravings LOL THANK YOU FOR CREATE A GREAT QUALITY PRODUCT WITH AN AMAZING TASTE !!!"
Nancy S.

"I have been searching for a healthy snack that tastes great and I'm so glad I came across Warrior Mix! It is delicious and best of all it has all natural ingredients. I eat it plain or dipped in my tea for an easy on the go breakfast and crumpled in my yogurt for lunch or a snack and I'm sure I'll find some other creative ways to use it. Finally, a guilt free healthy snack that tastes yummy!"
@mcd709 (Target.com)

"Absolutely delicious healthy snack! Not at all stale like some of the other paleo/ gluten free products out there. Does great in or out of the refrigerator I am a lifer!" Stanley Rutherford, (Amazon.com)

"I would just like to thank the Bee Free brand for creating such amazing cookies and mixes. I can not thank you guys enough for helping me get through a healthy lifestyle. I love your story behind the creation of bee free, and must say what you have created is quite amazing." Anna L.

"I'm usually not a big granola fan, but this one is so delicious, anyone would love it! I also love that it's made gluten and dairy free so anyone with sensitivities can enjoy it as well! Awesome product!" @ck9212 (Target.com)

"What a great snack! Low sugar, grain-free, gluten-free, and clean label. Wow! Nice size chunks that are soft and easy to eat by hand. I keep a bag in my car and another one in my golf bag. Great to take on the plane too. Both berry Warrior Mix and chocolate Warrior Mix are my favorite flavors so far. Great company story, fighting for autism jobs." - Mark Miller, (Amazon.com)

"As a mom of 7, writing reviews isn't something I make time for. But this snack mix is too good. Fantastic ingredients and even better taste. I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious it is. A wonderful snack, breakfast or dessert. Thank you for your determination to get this food into the hands of others!!" 

"Thank you Jen, I’m a 53 year old celiac just diagnosed 3 years ago. It’s not easy finding clean gluten free food, I live in southern California and good clean produce is also difficult to find. I discovered warrior mix at a health food store just outside of Joshua Tree national park a couple of weeks ago and was delighted at how great it was. I appreciate what you’re doing and will be a customer for life." 

"Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I were at Costco and bought your Warrior Mix. I am now sitting here eating it and I will say this is by far the best snacking food I have ever tasted. I now will have to have my wife hide the remainder of what is left in the bag for later because it's that good. I have no self control for something so remarkable in taste.

Thanks for making Warrior Mix - Hagen's Berry Bomb!" 

"Our local Family Fare just started carrying your Warrior Mixes. I just wanted to tell you how much I love them!!! Out of curiosity, I went to your web site and read about how this came to be and now I love them even more!! I am but one person ; however, I am spreading the word as much as I can!
Please pass on to all your workers how much I love their product and their work!!!" 

"I am semi-new to the paleo lifestyle and this is by far my go to snack and breakfast!! I love the taste and love the simple ingredients even more! Thank You for making something so healthy and delicious!" 

"I purchased the 'chocolate' Warrior Mix earlier this week at Whole Foods as I was looking for something to satisfy my sweet tooth on my weight loss journey and I absolutely LOVED it. Today, I saw a sale rep at Whole Foods in Detroit and purchased the Original Warrior Mix. Thank you for your hard work as this is one of the only sweet snacks with 5g of sugar or less! The sales rep was very kind and informative! Excited to see what’s to come!" 
Kourtni W of Michigan

"Got home from a super long shift to find my package of multiple Warrior and Auggy mixes and I couldn't be happier. Your recipe is magic and I love it. Thank you for caring about those of us that can't do grain. You have given me the gift that keeps on giving. I have given bags away and now they are ordering it. Thank you, Jennifer, you'll see lots of orders from me."
Erin G.

"I've been attempting to change my diet since May of this year to only include fruits, vegetables, no grains and a little bit of dairy looking for options with decreased sugar. I came across this at the local coffee shop, low sugar, low carbs and good for you ingredients. Loved the taste and gives me an option for breakfast other than eggs and high protein.

"OH MY WORD!! We are in heaven! I have a teen son who has autism, celiac disease, and several food allergies which include dairy and eggs. I picked up the Warrior Mix at a local Fresh Thyme and this is the best thing that has happened to him in terms of food!! There are often many things he misses out on due to his food allergies and this has been such a healthy wonderful treat for him!!! Blessings!"

"I just found your products in Carmel and I am SO happy! I am very gluten sensitive, cannot eat any yeast or preservatives, and can end up in bed for a whole day if I do. I am so excited that I have something to eat that's fun and healthy! Thank you so very, very much for creating your wonderful products. I am sold. : ) "

"I am trying your product “Warrior Mix” today for the first time.
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

I purchased the 'Hagen’s Berry Bomb' version last evening at the local Kroger store.
A bit pricey, but it feels like 'real food' and is worth the price in my opinion.

Keep up the great work.
Never compromise."
Darrin D.

"Thank you so much Oakley!!! The gift box is (was -- I ate some ;)) AMAZING!!!! I love your product! I am so happy I Was able to sample your goodies. Thanks again! You guys rock :)"
Lauren Fritz

"Thank you so much for your amazing products. I found you through Green BEAN Delivery. Doing the Paleo diet has changed my life for the better. I'm no longer sick all the time. I have no time to bake because of my two jobs, so it's nice to see wonderful products like yours."
Debbie W.

"We met you in Bloomingfoods before flying back to Ireland. The Warrior Mix went down as a real treat with our 2-year old. He happily snacked on it on the plane journey. He has an awesome flight, and we even had people around us commenting on how great he is. We notice such a difference in him when he avoids dairy and gluten."

Michael M.


Please don't judge me for trying all 4 before I left the parking lot. Your products are absolutely AMAZING...you are by far the best GF/Paleo products on the market. GREAT STUFF!!! #delicious

Posted by Kelly Wampler on Thursday, October 22, 2015


"I just finished your delicious (Snickerdoodle) sugar cookies that I ordered from Grean BEAN Delivery. My husband (who does not have to eat gluten-free) was fighting me for the last one."
Marcy H.

"Finally ate the granola you gave me...AWESOME (and I hate granola!)"

"Everyone absolutely loved your lemon cake..."

"Thank you so much, everything looked and tasted wonderful. You have created wonderful treats. Job well done. The BeeFree products are a HIT in our house!!! We have a daughter with food allergies and have finally found some really good, yummy treats the WHOLE family enjoys!"
Sarah A.

"No way these are gluten-free [They are, Rick. Really! :)] they taste too good - delicious!"


"It is the best thing I ever ate."

"I wish I could eat those items every day! So delicious! I am anxious to try your flour mix and pizza crust. Yum!"

"WOW! I just received my first BeeFree baked goods delivery. My husband and I do not have any special dietary needs - we just wanted to try your products. Your cookies are amazing. AMAZING! I loved them. I want more of them..."
Liz P.

"Would love to try your other products. Your cookies were a huge hit and I was a huge fan of the lemon cake."


"I'm not gluten-free, but your products were the best I've ever tried. Couldn't tell they were gluten-free!"

"The cupcakes are the best gluten-free one that we have ever had! So Yummy! Thanks so much for offering BeeFree! It is so hard to find yummy GF treats - especially for kiddos!"
Jennifer A.

"Your cupcakes are delicious. My husband, 19 and 21 year old sons also agree they are delicious."

"I wish all GF things tasted as good as yours."
Ricki S.

"Simply amazing and delicious! Thanks for sharing with us.!

"I had yet to find a GF cake that was completely moist, tasty and did not fall apart-until I had your lemon cake. It was simply amazing!"

"Loved the cake. It was lemony goodness."

"Thank you so much! Delicious products and job well done!"

"I have never seen such big, chewy, tasty gluten-free cookies before! They were sensational. Chocolate Krinkles was my favorite."


Loved seeing you at the Fantastic Food Fest! We really love all the warrior mixes! Can't wait to try more things!

Posted by Suzanne Kelly on Saturday, January 16, 2016
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