The BeeFree Story

From our family's kitchen
to your pantry

It all started with a life-changing diagnosis

In 2007, my family's journey took an unexpected turn when my eldest son, Auggy, was diagnosed with autism. Determined to support him in every possible way, we embraced a gluten-free lifestyle, believing it could offer him comfort and relief. Little did we know, this decision would spark an adventure that would touch the lives of many.

A new Challenge

Transitioning to a gluten-free diet wasn't easy, especially when it came to finding snacks that suited everyone's tastes. It felt like a daunting task to find treats that were not only safe for Auggy but also delicious enough for our entire family to enjoy. That's when my mother and I decided to take matters into our own hands.

Taking matters into our own hands

We rolled up our sleeves and dove into the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and tweaking old favorites to fit our gluten-free lifestyle. Each creation underwent rigorous taste testing by our house full of teenage boys, and only the ones that passed their discerning palates earned a spot in our lineup.

From a small side project to a new business

We spent the next two years selling our artisan-crafted, gluten-free foods at farmer’s markets. Selling out of product every week gave me the confirmation and confidence to move BeeFree to the next level.

By 2010, armed with tubs of our homemade Warrior Mix, I began hand-delivering our snacks to local customers. The response was overwhelming, with people loving the taste and appreciating the care we put into every batch.

Feeding Warriors Nationwide

Then, in the summer of 2018, our small-scale operation took a giant leap forward when truckloads of pallets filled with BeeFree snacks made their way across the country to Costco stores. It was a dream come true to see our products on the shelves of such a prominent retailer, reaching even more people across the country.

And we're still growing!

Today, BeeFree snacks are not just a local favorite but a nationwide phenomenon, gracing the shelves of grocery stores, coffee shops, and airports alike. We're on a mission to fuel the warrior within each of you with our gluten-free, delicious treats.

Supporting Local Warriors

BeeFree Bakes

But our journey doesn't stop there. As BeeFree continues to grow, so does our commitment to making a positive impact in our community. Through our non-profit arm, BeeFree Bakes, we provide jobs and resources for adults with autism and other disabilities, empowering them to thrive in a supportive environment.

Join us on our mission, and together, let's make a difference—one snack at a time.

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