How BeeFree Started and Why

Jennifer dropping off some BeeFree products to Green Bean Delivery

BeeFree evolved from my desire to bake tasty gluten and dairy free treats for our son. Treats that would help with his autism and would allow him the pleasure of being a kid. Navigating the world without gluten/dairy is no easy task. So, with the help of my mother (aka Queen Bee) we set to work converting our favorite recipes. Once a recipe passes the discriminating tastes of a house full of teenage boys, we know we have a winner.


Our Crossfit community introduced our family to the Paleo way of life: eating lean meats, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, foraging for our food, enjoying mealtime with family and friends, simplifying and slowing down to appreciate the gift of life. There began the birth of Warrior Mix. One bite of a BeeFree treat and you’ll be a BEEliever!

Proud queenbee prepping for Costco delivery

When we started BeeFree in 2010 I was hand delivering one tub of Warrior Mix to our local customers. Then in the summer of 2018, I got to watch as truckloads of BeeFree-filled pallets went out to Costco Stores! We’ve come so far and so excited for where we’re headed! Clean food for all!

Indy Winter Farmers Market 2009

In Our Customers' Words...

“WOW! I just received my first BeeFree baked goods delivery…my husband and I do not have any special dietary needs— we just wanted to try your products. Your cookies are amazing. AMAZING! I loved them.”  — Liz P. gluten-free cookies

“I have never seen such big, chewy, tasty gluten free cookies before! They were sensational.” — Nancy

“The BeeFree products are a HIT in our house!!! We have a daughter with food allergies and have finally found some really good, yummy treats the WHOLE family enjoys…” — Sarah A.

“Loved the cake. It was lemony goodness.” — Karen

“I had yet to find a GF cake that was completely moist, tasty and did not fall apart—until I had your lemon cake. It was simply amazing!” — Autumn

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