10 Super Fruits for a Healthy Brain

Top 10 Super Fruits for a Healthy Brain

When most people think of the most vital organ in their body, they tend to think of their heart. However, the brain is a close second. Essential for so many necessary activities, the brain has a big job to do and it really needs to be fueled well to function at full capacity. Plus, the brain is at risk of deterioration, like any other organ. Maintaining a healthy brain throughout life can prevent brain-related diseases later on.

Luckily, brain health supplements are plentiful! In fact, you can enjoy many brain boosters naturally by eating certain super-fruits. Just start with these healthy and delicious choices:

1. Blueberries

A powerful little fruit, the blueberry is loaded with important vitamins and nutrients, including antioxidants. The blueberry has a particular combination of nutrients known for helping the memory in particular. So powerful is the blueberry’s ability to boost the memory that this fruit is also thought by scientists to protect the brain from future memory lapses as well.

2. Raspberries

Another super-berry, the raspberry also has a particular blend of nutrients that help keep the brain healthy and high-functioning. One of the raspberry’s super powers is fighting inflammation of the neurons, protecting against neurological damage in the brain.

3. Strawberries

The antioxidants in strawberries, like those in other berry super-fruits, have a unique and important role in brain health. These antioxidants tend to fight off free radicals, which damage cells and can lead to memory loss and other brain difficulties.

4. Blackcurrants

Not commonly found in the United States, blackcurrants may become popular due to their enormous capacity for boosting brain health. This simple fruit actually helps in ways similar to drugs used to treat brain-relate conditions like Parkinson’s disease. The powerful fruit is known in particular for reducing mental fatigue, energizing the brain to think more clearly and faster. This is certainly a desirable trait, and a study showed it may be able to be achieved simply by drinking a glass of blackcurrant juice a day.

5. Grapes

The blood and the brain have a very close relationship. Grapes, by improving certain types of cardiovascular function, can also help improve brain function. Scientists are finding that grapes can contribute to greater vascular flexibility, less clotting, and better blood flow. All of these can increase the blood (and subsequent oxygen supply) to the brain. With more to power it, the brain tends to be healthier.

6. Pomegranate

Although pomegranate is healthy in general, pomegranate juice, in particular, is helpful to the brain. This juice is great to drink in the morning to energize the brain because of the glucose it contains. It also helps protect the brain- including unborn children’s brains when consumed by pregnant women.

7. Avocados

Although avocados sometimes get a bad rap for being fattening, the healthy fats found in avocados can actually be beneficial for the brain. A single berry fruit, benefits of avocados are delicious and are a great option since they are not too sweet.

Packed with other nutrients as well, avocados ultimately help the brain by:

    • Increasing blood supply
    • Improving oxygenation in the blood
    • Enhancing brain signals to the muscles
    • Lowering blood pressure
    • Preventing stroke
    • Reducing seizure activity

Through its healthy fatty acids and other nutrients, avocados prove to be one of the best superfruits for the brain overall.

8. Cherry

Free radicals are damaging to cells, causing plenty of deterioration in the body, including in the brain, over time. However, a lesser known factor in age deterioration is inflammation. When tissues are inflamed, they do not function normally. This can damage nerves and neurons. It can also affect blood flow and oxidation over time. Cherries help reduce inflammation, including in and around the brain. As a result, cherries are sort of like anti-aging powerhouses for the brain.

9. Banana

There is a reason that bananas are often referred to as brain food. Rich in potassium and magnesium, bananas give the brain energy and help sharpen the brain’s focus, increasing the ability to pay attention and learn. Bananas also offer vitamins and nutrients that improve cognitive function overall. Truly a super-fruit for the brain, bananas also help improve and regulate mood, which is controlled centrally in the brain.

10. Kiwi

Like bananas, one of the unique abilities of kiwi is that it helps the brain regulate and improve mood. This can have a significant impact on a person’s outlook and perspective on life as well as their overall quality of life. It can be particularly helpful in those with mood disorders.

Kiwi is also thought to help prevent some brain disorders. The risk of Alzheimer’s Disease can be reduced by kiwi consumption, for instance. Since it also offers health benefits like fighting infections, kiwi helps keep the whole body healthy, too.

10 Super Fruits for a Healthy Brain

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    Thanks so much for going through the fruits I love to eat. And why they are so good for you. Amen.. God creates them all mind body and Spirit is how I see it. God to me is the creator, and giver of universal knowledge. He helps me to create and write. I believe He also inspires inventions.

  • Tony

    So is that balance of nature of fruits and vegetables a good supplement to take if you’re not able to get all the fruits and vegetables from a grocer

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    And Dall curry! And most south east Asian foods are very healthy! Like cuz I’m Sri Lankan decent I know that my standard diet of rice and curries fulfills my vitamin and mineral requirements! I’ve had a blood test recently
    I. Lack. Nothing!
    Except maybe vitamin D ==’

  • Decarla

    Thank you for this informative piece which encouraged me to maintain and improve my healthy eating habits.
    More compelling is the impact good eating habits have on the brain and moods, it’s so true. I have actually seen a difference when I fall off and do quick grabs fast foods. My mood swings and depression tries to creep in at those low points.
    Thanks again for this reminder to eat healthy for both mind and body wellness.

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