Creating Autism Jobs

All of our products are inspired by our son who is growing up fighting the battle against autism.  He's a real-life warrior armed with a gluten-free diet and overcoming one day at a time.

Each of us has our own unique battles to fight each day that require our time, focus, and energy.  But inside us all is a warrior's heart that yearns to rise above and conquer those challenges.

Jennifer and August  August working hard at school August graduation from Ball State

Once we became aware of the 80% job gap of unemployment or underemployment for adults with autism, we realized we could make a difference. 

BeeFree partners with a few well established organizations within our community of Noblesville, Indiana. 

Limitless Transition Services, is a transition, community based program where students move out of high school and into a workplace environment learning career readiness skills, healthy habits, daily living skills and more.

Janus Developmental Services, creates opportunities through extraordinary supports for people with intellectual and developmental differences.  They believe in the unique strength of each person and work along their side in a journey toward satisfying employment, meaningful community involvement and a sense of belonging.

As we grow we will continue to add a wider variety of job opportunities.  

Every purchase of Warrior Mix helps change lives.  Purchase yours today: Shop Warrior Mix

If you have a connection to an organization with a collaboration idea, please email


Special thanks to:

Mayor Jensen and the City of Noblesville

Yolanda Kincaid, President and CEO of Janus Developmental Services

Barb Smith, LeeAnn Plecker, Jamie Frederick and the rest of the team at Limitless Transition Services

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