BeeFree Bakes is a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting a culture for successful employment. 

We work to accept, embrace, enrich, and inspire the lives of adults with autism and other forms of neuro-diversity.

We are proud to partner with Limitless Transition Services and Janus Developmental Services to help make a difference in our community.



    I saw your product at my workplace today and I thought I would give it a try and I love how my purchase helps people with autism as I have a form of autism and I think it’s great that a company like yours is able to help people like myself with employment keep up the great work

  • C. Jackson

    The “ Autism Jobs Provider “ caught my attention on the “ Warrior Snack Mix”so I bought it at the check out at “ Sam’s “
    Loved msg from the mother and the product is delicious. I will buy more and watch for other products from “Bee Free “

  • Virginia Schriver

    I was at our local Sam’s club about a month ago. This snack caught my eye. Two reasons I tried it is, one it was the Salted Caramel flavor and secondly, was you employ people with autism (was a teacher so realize they are always looked over in being hired). They deserve to be employed. GREAT snack. I love it.

  • Tere

    Hi from Puerto Rico, can you bring all the ingredients. I’m allergic to many things so I need to know what are in the natural flavors, and what about the sugar added. TIA

  • Deborah

    I just tried your Warrior Snack mix- it is delicious! What caught my eye was the “Autism Jobs provider” as I walked down the aisle at Costco. My son is on the spectrum and I am so grateful for your program to provide gainful opportunities for neuro diverse individuals! Thank you!

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