Creating Autism Jobs

We partner with an amazing program within our local community in Noblesville, Indiana called Limitless.  Limitless is a transition, community based program where students move out of high school and into a workplace/ adult environment.  

These students work on career readiness, healthy habits, recreation, daily living skills, employment skills, and so much more.  They partner with businesses within the community to create internship, training and job opportunities as they discover what they enjoy doing and learn skills to adapt to a future goal.

We feel so privileged that we can create jobs for these students!  Pictured is a few of our employees working diligently to create our bite-size samples that we use to spread brand awareness.


You can learn more about what the Limitless program is all about here:

*We are so excited for these types of partnerships as we move forward with the creation of our own bakery, employing individuals with autism.

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