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"Be Liberated From Junk Food"

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i. Company information

NOBLESVILLE, IN - BeeFree Gluten-Free Bakery (started January 2010) is locally owned and operated by Jennifer Wiese in Noblesville, IN. 

Jennifer Wiese is a mother of four boys with dietary needs, one with autism. This inspired the creation of wonderful tasting treats for her boys and the rest of the family. Created over 10 years ago and adapted for large scale 3 years ago.

Jennifer Wiese starting BeeFreeOUR STORY.

When Jennifer Wiese's oldest son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 8, she discovered that following a gluten- and casein-free diet helped him be a happier, thriving little boy. The hitch was that the gluten-free foods available on grocery store shelves in her town were dry, bland and very expensive.

"I wanted to give my son a chocolate chip cookie that tasted like a real chocolate chip cookie," she says. "The thought of feeding my family cardboard cookies just would not do!"

At BeeFree, we believe that snacks matter and they better be delicious. We are committed to bringing great-tasting, best-quality treats to anyone who enjoys our cookies, Warrior Mixes and baking products. While sticking to our gluten-, grain- and dairy-free guns is part of who we are, we think you and your family should be free to love every bite!

ii. What we do

The Kitchen WarriorBeeFree produces and sells both high-quality, gluten-free and grainless food products from basic healthy ingredients that are preservative-free. Our bestselling snack mix comes in 5 flavors and 2 retail sizes. Our product is currently manufactured in 2 different co-packing locations with the goal of bringing production in-house at appropriate sales level.

iii. Our products

best gluten free granolaGluten-free products are often thought to be tasteless and tough, but Jennifer Wiese at BeeFree has created a variety of delicious treats that everyone can enjoy. 

BeeFree Warrior Mix

You make choices so you feel, perform and live better. Don't stop there by compromising on taste. When my husband and I decided to go gluten free for the oldest of our four boys, I couldn't find a chocolate chip cookie that tasted like the "real thing" so I took matter into my own kitchen. Many recipes later, I gave him a cookie I felt great about. BeeFree Warrior Mix was inspired by our son, growing up fighting the battle against autism. He's a real-life warrior armed with a gluten/casein-free diet and overcoming one day at a time. At BeeFree, we are passionate about making junk-free treats for every day warriors. What you put into your body matters, and it better be delicious. 





☑ JUNK-FREE (No preservatives or unidentifiable ingredients)


BeeFree Ready-to-Roll Dough*

The best gluten-free dough made with simplicity and ease in mind. Now, any night is PIZZA NIGHT! Each 13 oz dough ball makes two 10” pizzas, calzones or bread sticks.

*Available in stores and supermarkets only. 

iv. Our distribution

BeeFree is a wholesale bakery that offers gluten-free and Paleo baked goodies  from cookies granola cereals to baking flours — made only with the simplest and purest ingredients. We provide the highest quality products to dozens of food store chains, specialty health stores and CrossFit gyms nationwide.


BeeFree Retailers



v. Highlights

October  2014 - BeeFree Bakery Lands Kroger Deal
October 2014 - Featured: BeeFree Bakery on WTHR-13
Jennifer Wiese cooks gluten-free foods for her family. Image credits to
September 2014 - TV Guesting on INSIDE INDIANA BUSINESS with Gerry Dick
September 2014 - Tradeshow: Natural Products Expo East at Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD
August 2014 - Jennifer Guesting on Paleo Magazine Radio and Featured Article on Paleo Magazine August-September Issue
July 2014 - TV Guesting on FOX59: Jennifer shared ideas for packing kid’s lunches for school
September 2013 - Jennifer Wiese on WishTV

vi. Award

Recognition: BeeFree Awarded BEST OF INDY in Dining - Locally Made Granola category

vii. The Bee Workers

At BeeFree, we do not value only our food and products but most importantly our people. Each BeeFree individual are highly trained and equipped with the right training in manufacturing and packaging our BeeFree products. We understand the needs of our customers and we know how sensitive most of their bodies are, thus we make sure that all our products are free from contamination, free from preservatives - free from junk.  We also support our local community by providing people young and old a fun experience, and even individuals struggling with their disabilities to spend time in our facilities and make everyone feel special while working at the 'hive'. 

BeeFree is not just a business. We are a family and we continuously grow by meeting people from all walks of life - at the grocery stores, the local schools and even at Crossfit gyms - Jennifer's personal favorite.

viii. Contact us

You may visit our website and go to the contact page, or call us at (800) 677-4840, or send us an email at 

ix. Social Media