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Become a gluten-free retailerWith over 4 years of good business practice, BeeFree has now become one of the largest and fastest-growing baking suppliers in the U.S.  BeeFree specializes in products that are gluten-free and dairy-free.
Each item is carefully made in a controlled kitchen with specially selected clean and local ingredients. BeeFree's method allows people to enjoy their way of gluten-free living by eating delicious and mouthwatering treats while staying healthy.  Hundreds of specialty stores, supermarkets, and even CrossFit gyms are helping BeeFree to promote this healthy lifestyle - by providing great quality products to consumers at reasonable prices. As we grow, BeeFree constantly offers discounts on popular products, and bulk prices to new dealers. Let's all grow this community and share the good news! Become part of the BeeFree tribe.

BeeFree Retailers

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Together we'll PROMOTE health and goodness for everyone! If you want to learn more about our retailer program and wish to carry our products for your store, send us an email at:
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