Saving The Bees

BeeFree continues to look for ways to support our honeybee population. Welcome the newest member of the Sustainable Honeybee Program.

SUSTAINABLE HONEYBEE PROGRAM (SHP) is a non-profit whose purpose is to help improve honeybees to better cope with threats to their survival.

SHP, led by EAS Master Beekeeper, Billy Davis has been keeping bees for more than 40 years. He realized that many current practices in beekeeping actually weakened bee colonies and made them more vulnerable to today's threats.

By selectively breeding queens, SHP has been able to create genetically strong lines of honeybees that exhibit the characteristic traits that enable the bees themselves to manage the various threat vectors.

Until recently, SHP has distributed the bee genetics it produces using gifts to donors.

SHP is seeking to improve the distribution of its bees by:
ensuring that beekeepers have the necessary training to properly manage and propagate bees from the SHP genetic lines;
 provide access to the genetics to a greater number of beekeepers.

In order to do this SHP is beginning to shift to a model that utlizes charitable giving to support its operations and objectives.

Honey bees are critically important to our environment and our food supply. Honey bees serve as one clear indicator of a healthy environment.

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