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Butter: Gluten-free or not?

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There has been a growing number of people diagnosed with celiac disease and gluten-intolerance. In recent years, finding gluten-free food has become more convenient and less stressful for consumers on a gluten-free diet since strict labeling rules by the FDA has been implemented.


There has been a relative proportion of people out there who can tolerate gluten and those who gets sick after ingesting even a trace amount, thus the struggle to identify the food that has gluten-containing ingredients hiding in them - even those labeled "gluten-free".

Are all butter brands gluten-free?

Butter is made of cream or milk, same goes with margarine but with the latter now commonly made with vegetable oil. The big factor in comparison really is the type of fat found in each of them. So a better question is: how to identify which butter brands contain gluten and doesn't?

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Many varieties with additives may contain gluten, but those that are just plain butter and organic ones are gluten-free. Furthermore, wheat-contamination during the manufacturing process also plays a factor in considering if a product has gluten or not. At the end of the day, it still makes sense to read those labels for a warning, as well as being familiar with ingredients that may contain gluten. In conclusion, the safest way to choose your food is to be aware of the ingredients or better yet - buy products with zero additives and preservatives. Eat clean foods and stay away from junks.

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  • Doreen Johnson

    Dose lurpack lighter butter contain any wheat / gluten? Every time I have it I get tummy problems

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