BeeFree at Whole Foods Market in Detroit

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Enjoy a FREE (and guilt-free) Snack While You Shop!

whole foods market michigan photo credits to Brendan G via Google

Stop by and get a taste of our delicious Warrior Mix - it's paleo-diet friendly, grain-less greatness. We'll have samples of our chocolate and berry flavors. Meet creator Jennifer Wiese and get a taste (and maybe seconds!) to see what people are raving about.

BeeFree at Whole Foods Market“The BeeFree products are a HIT in our house!!! We have a daughter with food allergies and have finally found some really good, yummy treats the WHOLE family enjoys…” — Sarah A.

BeeFree is dedicated to baking gluten-free, dairy-free treats that put a smile on your face and a giggle in your tummy. We believe in using only the finest ingredients - no artificial anything. We look for ways to support local growers and producers. We practice the Paleo lifestyle. Our family eats our products. We care about our customers and want you to know you can eat our products with confidence.

Demo schedule: 
FRIDAY, February 5 2016 at 10AM-1PM EST
Store Address: 
115 Mack Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48201
Find out store information here.

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