BeeFree Bakery Continues to Grow from Coast to Coast

Hello, BeeFree fans! My name is Jennifer Wiese. I started this company six years ago as a passion project: to help my son manage his autism and enjoy delicious, healthy, gluten-free/paleo snacks.

My business started in the Midwest, specifically headquartered in Noblesville, In. During the first few years of operation, nearly 100% of our contracts were with Midwest grocers and specialty stores. Shoppers in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and beyond all love what we have to offer, and our roster now includes Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, and more.

However, it became clear that our vision wasn’t limited to the Midwest, despite being a regional favorite. East- and West-Coast retailers started to realize what their Midwest counterparts knew all along: our Warrior Mix is a healthy, guilt-free snack, whether you’re on a gluten-free/paleo diet, or just want something that you can feel great about eating.

Today, we work with grocers and local coops on both coasts. We’re in major markets like Jacksonville, Charleston, San Jose, Seattle, and Portland. But we aren’t stopping there! Our goal is to become a household name when it comes to healthy eating, whether you live in New York City, Los Angeles, or anywhere in-between.

Yet we still maintain our Midwest roots, expanding into towns like Kirksville, Mo. and Chariton, Ia., where folks don’t care if our product is “trendy.” They just want something that’s good for you and tastes good! And that’s something that will always be at the heart of our business – enhancing people’s lives through the snacks we bake. That applies both to customers and to the people with autism who have found meaningful employment at our bakery.

If you’re a retailer interested in working with our growing company, feel free to get in touch. I would be thrilled to talk with you about getting our products in your stores.


Peace, and paleo,

Jennifer Wiese

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