Women Owned Businesses to Celebrate

Women Owned Small Businesses I Love to Support

I'm excited to celebrate National Women’s Small Business Month by giving a giant virtual 🙌high five🙌 to a few of my favorite fellow entrepreneurs!

These women all have inspiring warrior stories that bolster my own determination to work hard, do good, and bring you more deliciously nutritious food like BeeFree.  

Simplicity Juice

My friend Beth founded her business, Simplicity Juice, with the mission of helping you in your life’s journey of JOY.  Her cold-pressed juices are unbelievably delicious and full of the simple nutrition our bodies crave. 


Shop Simplicity Juice HERE


Onana Foods

Deanna was inspired to create ONANA when she couldn’t find the nutrient-dense, delicious foods she was looking for in stores.  Luckily for us, her gluten-free tortillas are allergen-free, nutritious, and totally tasty.

Shop ONANA Tortillas HERE

Paleo Nut

Founded by Registered Nurse and Culinary Nutrition Expert, Christine, Paleo Nut has developed wholesome and delicious baking mixes that your kids are going to FLIP for!

Shop Paleo Nut HERE

Prevail Jerky

After beginning her gluten-free and Paleo journey due to Celiac, Ashley found herself missing some of her favorite snacks. She was determined that ditching the allergens didn’t have to mean ditching the flavor.  Thus, Prevail Jerky was born.

Shop Prevail Jerky HERE


Revival Butter

What began as Rachel’s personal quest for tasty almond butter soon snowballed into recipe development and a booth at the farmer’s market.  Now you can find her in a commercial-grade space and at grocery stores nationwide.

Shop Revival Butter HERE

Savor by Suzie

Suzie’s journey is one that closely mirrors my own, and I’m so amazed at the work she’s done to support the neurodiverse community.  Plus, her gluten-free, allergen-free pretzels are incredibly delicious!

Shop Savor by Suzie HERE


A big THANK YOU to all of you who continue to support fantastic women-owned small businesses like these.  You make it possible to do what we do!💛



  • Annette Smiley

    I had no idea Bee Free was a company owned by women. I just found it on line, loved the ingredients inside and been buying and enjoying for a few years . CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WONEN involved in BEE FREE! 🎉👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Liz Weckley

    Anything Bee Free recommends I’m all in. Please keep being great!

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